*Promote skill development through educational activities.

Spelling Bee Contest.

In the modern world, proficiency in English is absolutely essential to succeed. The importance of learning spellings is that it aids in reading and writing.The participants gain a deep knowledge of the English language by learning new words with the correct spellings. It is a comprehensive process that allows students to learn the meaning, pronunciation and the origin of the word. Our goal is to encourage students who are being educated in the Government-run schools in Kerala offering them a unique platform to learn the language and excel in it. The contests take place in the 41 school districts of the Kerala State Education Board. Students aged 10 to 15 years are eligible to enter the contest held in each school district under the supervision of the District Educational Officer. The 41 winners will compete in the Grand Finale and the Spelling Bee Champion is flown to the USA where he/she will be honored at a gala event.
Scholarship Program
We encourage brilliant students from lower economic background in Kerala to excel academically. Engineering College students with the best academic merit but from financially struggling families will get a 4 year scholarship of $250 per year.
Youth Competitions
We offer a platform for learning and excelling through healthy competitions to the children in the United States by conducting contests in areas such as essay writing, public speaking, debates and quiz programs. The winners will receive certificate and cash prize.
Excellence Award
We honor accomplished individuals from various fields who have made meaningful and significant contributions to the society with Excellence Awards.